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Choo Choons is the game for real train and railway enthusiasts. It is like you have a toy train-set on your screen. The only goal of this game is to have fun while building the railway from scratch. First you go through drawing part of the game. You lay down tracks. It can be just a basic circle but you can also make more elaborate railway network if you wish. Then you have the building part where you set the natural surroundings like trees, tunnels, bushes, cows, houses and train stations. Here you can also add and delete pieces of the tracks and lay down some dead end tracks for example, if you need a place to park the train. You can also put down traffic lights which will later on control trains. Then you put down the trains. There are 4 trains each differently colored, red, green, blue and black. You can add carriages and wagons to each locomotive and make a composition which takes goods or passengers. When you have everything set you can go to the play mode and set everything in motion. If you see an imperfection on any part of your rails you can always go back and repair it before you continue to play.

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