Railroad Journey

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Interesting children's game where you control a dwarf while he is collecting gold out of his mining rail car. Gold miner is always some short stubby man with long beard, and this game is no exception either. What is new, is that man doesn't sit in his car completely static and 'fish' gold nuggets. Instead, he is riding around, collecting golden coins, robbing treasure chests and jumping over pits and various obstacles. The game is very simple and leads you gently through the tutorial and all rules gradually. In front of each new obstacle, game pauses and instruction on how to overcome that one pops up. Thing is that gradually new obstacles come into play and they combine themselves with existing ones, thus making their number greater and game more complex. I my personal opinion game has very well done that gradual increase in level hardness, but it is still for kids. Animations are great and graphics is overall top notch.

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