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Railroad Journey

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Interesting children's game where you control a dwarf while he is collecting gold out of his mining rail car. Gold miner is always some short stubby man with long beard, and this game is no exception either. What is new, is that man doesn't sit in his car completely static and 'fish' gold nuggets. Instead, he is riding around, collecting golden coins, robbing treasure chests and jumping over pits and various obstacles. The game is very simple and leads you gently through the tutorial and all rules gradually.

Tokyo Rail Rush

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Wolverine is running across the rails of Tokyo railway station, between the trains. Some trains are parked and others are moving. Wolverine is always on the move, and the player is only controlling weather he will avoid the train or jump on top of it.

10 Seconds

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Uh oh! The train can't get to it's destination, because the railroad needs to be fixed first. Can you fix the railroad within 10 seconds, so it keeps riding on time?

Train Riders

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This is a shooting game where you defend the train against bikers with punk hairdos. You shoot them with the machine gun from the front wagon and you throw grenades as well. Controls are very simple, because the bullets are shooting from the machine gun all the time and all you have to do is to aim it in the right direction. On the other hand, the number of grenades is limited and you should use them only when things get too hectic. Bikers are not actually shooting at you but they are just trying to jump on the train. Every time somebody new boards the train your armor weakens a bit.

Express Way

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In this cool train game you control the train traffic. To do this you must control the red and green light at railway junction but keep in mind not to make the train stop too long time because if the second train comes on the same line they will crash and you lose the game.

Railroad Train Rush

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This is a simple game where you transport cargo in a small wagon from one railway station to the next one. The railroad is very curvy, there are uphills and downhills, so you have to be careful not to lose any of the boxes. As usual, you get the points for time you need to deliver the cargo and quality of transport, as well as the number of boxes which have reached their destination.

Train Maze

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Train maze is a game very similar to many other railroard building puzzles. The railroad tracks, obstacles and rules very much resemble to what we already used to play in rail maze on browser, mac or iPhone. The game starts off very simple. In just a few clicks, by rotating connection platforms, you can change the train course and lead it straight to the finish point. You need to think, eliminate distracting elements and focus only on moves that lead to solution. Good thing is that all 24 levels are unlocked, so you can skip the easy ones.

Paper Train Full Version

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All the 31 levels are FREE to play now! Control railway traffic without crashing any trains.
You can stop and start the trains at the control square spots by clicking on the squares on the railway. Red square stops the train. Green square starts the train. Blue square switches the tracks for the train.

Zombie Train

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Zombie Train is a great action packed shooter, to start off with the game is a little slow but once you get through the first couple of waves you start to notice how this game really does get very challenging. Shoot all the zombies that are trying to break into the train, once they break through the windows you should kill the as soon as possible, then go to the window the broke and repair it making sure the next wave of zombies are stalled a bit! Are you ready for some arcade zombie action?

Instructions :
To play this game you will need your WASD Keys and your MOUSE


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You've been caught trying to ride the train without a valid ticket. There's only one thing for it - run! With the ticket inspector in hot pursuit, jump over luggage, barge through doors and slide under railway staff. If you're too slow and the inspector catches up with you, it's game over!

A - To jump off the bags. S - To door open fast. D - To slide with the ticket man.

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