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Tube Crisis

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Arrrrgh! Commuting sucks! Wedged into an over-crowded underground train, your head shoved into a brickie's stinking armpit, surrounded by inconsiderate eedjits!

And relax. That's the point of this amusing little game - the emphasis is on fun but you'll need some ingenuity to get your commuter out of the annoying situation she finds herself in. Can you help her achieve serenity?

Blue Train

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Help Blue Train to get to the station. Press "OK" in the beginning to start playing.

Must Escape The Subway

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You fell asleep on a subway carriage and now you are locked in. Have you got what it takes to escape?

Railway to Heaven

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Railway to Heaven is a short Room Escape game, or I should say a Cage Escape game! The cage is on a railway track, a train is coming and you are in the cage! So I strongly suggest that you find a way to get out of here Pronto! You have 90 seconds to do this!

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