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Delivery Steam Train

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Cargo transportation used to rely more on the railway in the old days. Steam engines were used to pull the wagons filled with goods. Today, modern electrical engines are in use and they can pull significantly more then its predecessors. In memory of the old times, in "Delivery Steam Train" your job is to fill up two wagons and safely take those goods to its destination. The road is hilly of course, with lots of uphills and downhills which may contribute to the goods falling out of the wagons.

Smugglers Line

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Smuggler are supposed to be bad people, but perhaps that is not so when you are one of the gang. All you want is to make a profit and one way is to smuggle contraband goods. You buy a train and start your first run with a few barrels of oil. The police is all over you, but you complete the run and cash in. Now, you are thinking bigger, spend some money for train upgrades and better goods which bring more money. Second run is also a success. Now you are rolling in dough and you can do practically whatever you want...even smuggling diamonds.

The Red Train

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Red Train is one interesting and nicely done game. The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles and bringing the train safely to the other side of the road. Well road is a weird word when we talk about this game. There isn't really any road or railway for that matter. The train is on top of some floating mountains and is moving across grass, mud and items like wooden logs to cross the missing pieces between the mountains. Graphics are nice and clean and even the music is quite pleasing.

Сargo Steam Train

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Cargo Steam Train is a skill game where you drive the steam engine which pulls two cargo wagons. Your job is to, after you load the cargo, take the train to the next station within the time limit. You have to keep as much cargo as you can until the next stop and try to keep that number above minimum so you can move to the next level. Every time the train jerks, starts a bit faster, brakes or travels across some bumps on the tracks, there is a risk that some boxes may fall out of the wagon.

Steam Transporter

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You are the driver of the train and your mission is to delivery coal as much as possible, without to lose it on your way. The road is difficult and it's not easy to do not lose some of your cargo.

Good Train

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You drive an old train and your mission is to take a number of goods and bring them to the next station, but do not lose your cargo on the road if you want to complete the task and go to the next level. The numbers of goods increase in each level.

Coal Express 5

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Coal express is back, revision 5. Collect your cargo from your base and deliver it to your destination, this game also has upgrades like the last version. Upgrade your trains with speed, acceleration, and balance to help you complete the levels as you go through them.


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Control your trolleys as you try to deliver as much gold as possible. Unlock new parts and buy additional trolleys to help you get the job done more efficiently.

Back to the Future Train Scene

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Great physics game where you have to have to control the train carefully watching the pressure at all times.

Rollercoaster Rush

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Your goal in this fun online game is to be the best rollercoaster brakeman ever! Your job is to keep the ride safe for the passengers while making the experience as exciting as possible. When performing a special stunt, you will receive an award. Getting awards will give you some extra points. You have to increase "total stars" by three to unlock a new track! Use the RIGHT ARROW KEY to accelerate and LEFT ARROW KEY to brake. Have fun!

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