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Tokyo Train Express

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Move travelers to match the combination displayed on the compartment table. Easy puzzle game.

Railz! Lite

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Railz! is a casual puzzle game suitable for all ages. The game is easy to learn, but if you want to get high scores, you will find that it requires quite a bit of strategy...

The objective in this game is to complete "loops" of railway tracks by moving pieces around on the board. To move a tile, first select it by clicking on it, then click on any empty space to move it. If you complete a loop, the tiles will be removed and you will score. The bigger the loop, the more points you get (the score scales exponentially with the size of the loop to reward risk taking).


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If you are a fan of Pipe Dreams or Plumber then you'll like Derailed. It takes the idea a little bit further and is is that bit more complex. The game can get pretty intense quite quickly too if you are up for the challenge.

Your objective is to get the train safely to the exit by rotating the track pieces. Sounds simple eh?

Plenty of track pieces in the later levels that will provide bonuses and make things a bit more challenging. The question is, how far can you get?

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